Latest Idea Kerala Prepaid Top Up Plans & Recharge Vouchers.

Idea Kerala Prepaid Top Up Plans

AmountTalktimeTT ValidityTop Up Plan Benefits + Detailed InformationRecharge Mode
Rs.107.70LifetimeRecharge with Rs.10 get TT of Rs.7.70E-Recharge & Paper
Rs.2015.39LifetimeRecharge with Rs.20 get TT of Rs.15.39E-Recharge & Paper
Rs.3023.09LifetimeRecharge with Rs.30 get TT of Rs.23.09E-Recharge & Paper
Rs.4031.78LifetimeRecharge with Rs.40 get TT of Rs.31.78E-Recharge & Paper
Rs.5040.48LifetimeRecharge with Rs.50 get TT of Rs.40.48E-Recharge & Paper
Rs.7057.87-100LifetimeRecharge with Rs.70 get TT of Rs.57.87 to 100 (Magic Recharge ! Minimum Talktime Rs 57.87 Maximum Talktime Rs 100.00)E-Recharge & Paper
Rs.8066.57-105LifetimeRecharge with Rs.80 get TT of Rs.66.57 to 105 (Magic Recharge ! Minimum Talktime Rs 66.57 Maximum Talktime Rs 105.00)E-Recharge
Rs.120101.35-160LifetimeRecharge with Rs.120 get TT of Rs.101.35 to 160 (Magic Recharge ! Minimum Talktime Rs 101.35 Maximum Talktime Rs 160.00)E-Recharge
Rs.220200-300LifetimeRecharge with Rs.220 get TT of Rs.200 to 300 (Magic Recharge ! Minimum Talktime Rs 200 Maximum Talktime Rs 300.00)E-Recharge
Rs.100**83.96LifetimeRecharge with Rs.100 get TT of Rs.83.96E-Recharge
Rs.200**170.91LifetimeRecharge with Rs.200 get TT of Rs.170.91E-Recharge

Note : ** Get Full talktime on Rs 100/200 Only on Online Recharge via Idea Website or My Idea App

Last Updated On 30-Sep-2016