Latest MTNL Delhi NCR Prepaid Special Tariff Plans & Recharge Vouchers.

MTNL Delhi Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers

AmountSpecial Plan Benefits & Detailed InformationTariff ValidityProduct
Rs.970 local/STD SMS7 DaysSTV 9 (SMS PACK)
Rs.1150 Local Min1 DaySTV 11
Rs.14Plan conversion30 DaysSTV 14(Pay per second)
Rs.16Plan conversion30 DaysSTV 16 (All in one paisa)
Rs.17Plan conversion90 DaysSTV 17 ( ONE for All)
Rs.2150 STD Min1 DaySTV 21 (STD daily pack)
Rs.22Plan conversion90 DaysSTV 22 (Pay per Min)
Rs.31135 STD Min30 DaysSTV 31 (Monthly STD pack)
Rs.31300 local/STD SMS30 DaysSTV 31 (SMS PACK)
Rs.44Plan conversion90 DaysSTV 44 (All in one paisa)
Rs.45Plan conversion90 DaysSTV 45(Pay per second)
Rs.47Extension of SIM/ Account Validity to 90 days with 500 free SMS (MTNL Delhi GSM)90 DaysSTV 47
Rs.48Plan conversion, free 30 local min, 30 STD Min90 DaysSTV 48 (ONE for All)
Rs.53Plan conversion, free 30 local min, 30 STD Min90 DaysSTV 53 (Pay per Min)
Rs.55135 STD Min7 DaysSTV 55 (Weekly STD pack)
Rs.891000 local/STD SMS30 DaysSTV 89 (SMS PACK)
Rs.109Own N/w, 34 Local Min, 26 STD Min,30 min Video Call , 110 MB, SMS O/N free , 34 local , 26 national10 DaysSTV 109 (3G chota vidayarhi)
Rs.121Unlimted calls to MTNL Delhi GSM network30 DaysSTV 121
Rs.224Own Network Voice -Free. Rest rate will be as per Vidyarthi Plan30 DaysSTV 224 (simply unlimited)
Rs.309Own N/w, 106 Local Min, 80 STD Min,100 min Video Call , 310 MB, SMS O/N free , 106 local , 80 national .30 DaysSTV 309 (3G Vidayarthi)
Rs.3991399 Local Min, 39 STD Min, 99 local SMS30 DaysSTV 399 (Power recharge)
Last Updated On 13-Oct-2016